Thursday, September 16, 2010

The NEW Wedge Issue For Arizona Campaigns?

This a.m., the Phoenix Business Journal brought this NY Times article to our attention.  It seems we Arizonans are divided by more than just the immigration debate.  The metric system is also dividing us. 

But, the Business Journal got it slightly wrong when they led with "Metric system lost the war to convert the U.S. to its system while ago. But the old battle is blossoming again...."  In reality, only military operations ceased back in the early 80's, and we have been in the diplomatic/peace-keeping/counter-insurgency phase since then.  Now, the unlikely cartel of Sean Hannity, the New York Times and the oft-maligned-but-rarely-declined stimulus package have acted as a detonator.  Thank God that the missile silo "lin(ing)" the freeway is de-activated - though who knows if there are newer, active ones under the hills near Patagonia.

I fully expect to see the press release later today from Sean Hannity/Jan Brewer challenging Rachel Maddow/Terry Goddard to a tag team debate dedicated to this issue and how it relates to the increasing threat of terrorists coming over our borders and feeling too much at home in southern Arizona.  Finally, a debate subject and format that both candidates could agree to sink their bared fangs into.  ("Really, Terry, did you have to tell Arizonans that they should walk a kilometer in the illegal immigrants' shoes?")

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go train for my 10k.

p.s. I've driven I-19 dozens of times, and I still learned a couple of things about it from the NYT article: (1) Never realized the exits were numbered in kilometers; and (2) that it is "lined with attractions".  Don't get me wrong, I've been to the Titan site and Tubac (not the casino), I've camped nearby and love Patagonia, and parts of the drive are pretty - but does that really make it "lined with attractions"?

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