Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Carlos Santana's Thought(s) For The Day: Man's Heart, Man's Law

"Mans law does not change a mans heart, but mans heart can change the law." With those words - and others - music legend Carlos Santana returned to his usual peace/beauty/love/spiritual territory on Monday, when he posted his "thought of the day" on his typically-impersonal Facebook page.  Over the weekend, he made an uncharacteristic stretch into political controversy over the weekend when he castigated Georgia and Arizona for what he perceives as shameful anti-illegal immigration laws. 

Santana strung together several thoughts for his thought(s) of the day, all of which appeared to be reaction to the pushback he was witnessing to his earlier comments.  The full posting is after the jump.

Somewhat humorously, many of the derisive comments launched at the eternally-spiritual and soft-spoken guitarist focused on his ingratitude at making his comments when receiving an award and/or were of the "shut up and sing" variety. 

Having seen Santana in concert more than once, I can aver that Santana rarely sings - other than making his guitar sing - and that he rarely says much between songs (other than saying things like "thank you" and "God bless").  Shut up and sing did not even apply this weekend, when he did not sing, and when people did not even buy tickets to hear him sing.

And, in fact, he repeatedly expressed gratitude for being honored with the CIVIL RIGHTS BEACON award, and named off many of his civil rights heroes who he believes are far more important than he is.  But, would it have not been more of a shame if he - or MLB - did refrain from mentioning what he feels is an important CURRENT civil rights issue?  At a civil rights awards ceremony? 

P.S.  I made a quick attempt to determine whether Carlos Santana is quoting anyone else regarding man's heart being able to change man's law.  It is a creative variation on religious statements about God's law vs. man's law.  I did not turn up anything, and am tentatively concluding that the words are Santana's own. If anyone knows otherwise, please let us know.

Santana's "Thought for the day":

I am profoundly grateful for this beautiful day! It is a blessing to be on this beautiful planet. I wish to give praise to God, give thanks for all of my blessings and share these thoughts with you.

Mans law does not change a mans heart, but mans heart can change the law.

Light brings truth! We are all one! Love brings unity, harmony & compassion.

“Sickness is insanity because all sickness is mental illness, and in it there are no degrees. One of the illusions by which sickness is perceived as real is the belief that illness varies in intensity; that the degree of threat differs according to the form it takes. Herein lies the basis of all errors, for all of them are but attempts to compromise by seeing just a little bit of hell. This is a mockery so alien to God that it must be forever inconceivable. But the insane believe it, because they are insane.

A madman will defend his own illusions because in them he sees his own salvation.” - A Course in Miracles


Carlos Santana

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