Tuesday, May 17, 2011

WATCH: Quayle About Town (Hall), Now (@9); Obama Still "Worst President", But "Has Made Some Strides"; Oil Producer Subsidies

Rep. Ben Quayle (R-CD3) is in district this week, working the townhalls and the local TV stations.  He stood by his campaign ad claiming that Barack Obama is the worst President ever, but "lauds him" for making "some strides" since then.  He pretty much denied that oil companies get any tax breaks or subsidies that are not part of broader tax breaks, although that is disclaimed by conservative experts as well as Democrats.

First up is video from last night's townhall meeting in Anthem, posted on the liberal Think Progress website (and summarized by Phoenix New Times).  The clip is of the Congressman answering a woman who decried cuts to Planned Parenthood while oil companies receive subsidies.

Almost worthy of a Fact Check.  I am reasonably sure that the Senators were not only discussing broad-based tax provisions that do not only benefit oil producers.  And, even the experts at the conservative Heritage Foundation agree that oil companies do receive specific subsidies and tax breaks... which should be taken away.

Next up was an easy appearance on channel 15's 9a.m. program this morning.  He sat for two segments, and answered a variety of questions.  In saying that he does not regret his campaign ad calling Obama the worst President in history, he did acknowledge that "the President has made some strides, and I laud him for that."  Quayle cited Obama's support for extending tax cuts and making the call for going after Usama bin Laden were "good ideas".

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