Monday, May 16, 2011

Just A Thought: MLB Should Bring Annual "Civil Rights Game" To Arizona, Pronto


In light of the attempts by SB1070 opponents to keep Major League Baseball ("MLB") from bringing its All-Star Game to Phoenix, and in light of this weekend's comments by soft-spoken music legend Carlos Santana at MLB's 5th annual "Civil Rights Game" and the comments by MLB Commissioner (and part-time Arizonan), would it not be an appropriate response by MLB to bring the Civil Rights Game to Phoenix?

Controversial? Certainly.  Appropriate, for a number of reasons?  Definitely.

Santana hit the nail on the head.  While noting the civil rights movement of the 60's (and before, and since), he spoke out about the civil rights issue of the 10's (and before, and to come).  And, Arizona - by the desire of both those attempting to crack down on illegal immigration and those claiming that it violates the civil rights of those in the U.S. legally and illegally - has been center stage in the current civil rights debate.

The news coverage of this past weekend notes that the game is committed to be played in Atlanta again next year;  it is not likely that it has been scheduled beyond that.  Whether the Arizona Diamondbacks and/or Arizona makes a bid for the 2013 game, MLB should announce Phoenix as the host now.  Before the media writes its own narrative about Arizona hosting the All-Star Game in July.

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