Tuesday, February 19, 2013

VIEW: New Anti-Arpaio-Recall Group Forms LLC, Ready To File Legal Action?

Earlier today, Channel 12 political reporter extraordinaire Brahm Resnick noted on his Facebook page that the Surprise Tea Party had teamed up with well-known attorney Larry Klayman to prepare to issue a "cease and desist" order against the Respect Arizona group collecting signatures to attempt to recall Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

This evening, Arizona Republic reporter Michelle Lee tweeted that the leaders of that Tea Party group has formed a committee.

Here is the Corporation Commission filing for the Citizens To Protect Fair Election Results, LLC.

There is not yet a committee filing shown on the Arizona Secretary of State's website, which is where a political committee's organization would be filed.  (The SoS generally posts these filings in close to real time.)  An LLC (limited liability company) is a good corporate structure and is a good entity for filing a legal action under, because of the difficulty in holding the individual members of the company liable (for, say, legal fees in the event of an unsuccessful legal action).  However, any actions this committee takes will (almost) undoubtedly qualify it as a "political committee" that will require it to file with the Secretary of State and disclose contributions and expenditures (eventually).

Klayman, and the Wises, declined to respond to Arizona's Politics inquiries.  Another member of the Surprise Tea Party did respond and asked me to wait for either the Wises or for the announcement.  He reminded me that the Surprise Tea Party is the organization that "was successful in getting Sheriff Joe to ask the Cold Case Posse to investigate whether Obama meets the Constitutional requirements to be POTUS."

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