Tuesday, February 12, 2013

WATCH: McCain Questions Military Leaders On "Orwellian Experience" Of Sequestration Defense Cuts

Arizona Senator John McCain (R-AZ) questioned the military leaders before the Senate Armed Services Committee today, and drew them out on their fears of the fast-approaching sequestration cuts on defense spending.  He opened with a statement/question which he barely gave them a moment to answer:

"It's kind of, would you say, an Orwellian experience?  Here we are, looking at these draconian cuts, already some of the manifestations of, the requirements of which are taking place.  Meanwhile, it's a day after North Korea tests another nuclear weapon, Iraq is unraveling, the Iranians just rejected  the Vice President's proposal last weekend for one on one talks concerning nuclear weapons, Libya is obvious, Mali, Egypt in a state of unrest,  now Tunisia.  We're probably in a more unsettled period since the end of the Cold War than certainly I have ever seen. Would you agree with that assessment?  Meanwhile, we are now the signal we are sending, frankly, to the Iranians,is don't worry, this aircraft carrier is not coming.  This is really a disconnect the likes of which I have never seen before."

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