Thursday, February 28, 2013

WATCH: McCain Upset About Lack of Consideration Of GOP Sequester Substitute; "Are We Going To Lurch From One Fiscal Cliff To Another?"

Arizona Senator John McCain (R) spoke on the Senate floor, bemoaning "the charade" that the Senate was going through on two responses to sequestration that were not going to get 60 votes to pass anything through to the House (which is probably what enables the House GOP to complain about the Senate never passing anything).

He noted that the President did not take action to try to stop the sequester over the past year plus, while he and a couple of his Republican colleagues have been warning about the effects of the cuts on the military during the time.  "But, that's the blame game, and I'm ad to engage in that.  But, can't we at least come to some agreement to prevent this.  Are we going to lurch from one fiscal cliff to another?"

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