Monday, October 12, 2015

LISTEN: Fmr. Arizona Governor Fife Symington Considers Benghazi/Email Probe Of Clinton As "Blood Lust" and "Political Persecution"; SURPRISE! Drudge Helps Personalize Clinton

Former Arizona Governor Fife Symington (R-AZ) did not explicitly label Congress' ongoing Benghazi/email probe of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as "political", he did make it clear last night that he considers the "blood lust" as an example of "political persecution" that he does not wish on anyone.

Symington's comments on KTAR radio yesterday come on the heels of House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy's comments hinting that the Congressional Benghazi investigation  had been designed to bring down Clinton's chances at the Presidency.  He was interviewed by pollster Michael O'Neil.

Symington's full comments are available on O'Neil's website.


In related news, conservative internet powerhouse The Drudge Report seemingly did Clinton a huge favor today in giving the full headlining on the front page treatment to a Buzzfeed podcast interview in which Clinton jokes that she is a robot.

The interview turned to silliness when she was asked about her lack of perspiration, and ended up with Clinton noting that there is a "robot race" that she is heading up, and a reference to bourbon.

As Clinton's campaign is working hard to "humanize" the candidate, thousands of Drudge readers will click through to listen to Exhibit 1.  (Of course, thousands more may just believe that she is a cyborg without clicking through. ;-) )

Here is a link to the interview.

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