Monday, October 26, 2015

(UPDATE) NBC Doubles Amount Of Equal Time That Democratic Presidential Candidates May Be Entitled To, Re-Airing Clinton's SNL Skit

NBC re-aired the Saturday Night Live with Hillary Clinton (and Miley Cyrus) this past Saturday, thus doubling the airtime that affiliates may have to provide to her opponents for the Democratic nomination for President.

Arizona's two NBC affiliates both uploaded  notices to their FCC political files today, and Clinton's opponents - Bernie Sanders, Martin O'Malley and Larry Lessig - have 7 days to file equal time requests. KPNX in Phoenix - Channel 12 - failed to file their required notice after the initial October 3 airing, but was on-the-spot this morning for the re-run; they received at least one request for equal time on October 10.  Their notice today is posted below.

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Lessig, who has apparently been relegated to an outsider status by the Democratic National Committee, has already requested equal time from 47 affiliates around the country.  With the re-airing, it is highly likely that the Harvard law professor's campaign will file new requests for an additional 3:12 of uncensored time to present his views.

Lessig's negotiations may well set a precedent for the multiple requests that NBC affiliates will receive after GOP front-runner Donald Trump hosts SNL on November 7.

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