Wednesday, January 31, 2018

CAMPAIGN FINANCE REPORT: Big Spending Showdowns Shaping Up For Senate, Swing Districts (READ REPORTS)

Expected big-spending showdowns for Arizona's key Congressional seats are shaping up, per reports filed in the last few days.  Today is the deadline for Congressional candidates* to file their campaign finance reports for the end of 2017.

In the Senate race, only Rep. Martha McSally (R-CD2) has filed (what is officially her last report as a House candidate, and she has $1.8M in the bank. The likely Democratic nominee is Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-CD9) and she had $4.2M cash on hand as of September 30. Republican candidates Kelli Ward ($285k on hand as of 9/30/17) and Joe Arpaio are also well-known names with the ability to raise lots of monies.

Sinema is vacating her competitive legislative district, and each party has one potential replacement who has quickly stockpiled cash. Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton (D) raised $600,000 in just a few weeks, and has $514k cash on hand. Steve Ferrara (R) has easily out-paced other primary candidates; he raised $141k in the 4th quarter - $538k overall - and still has $449k in the bank.

McSally is leaving her extremely competitive southern Arizona district, and Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce CEO Lea Marquez Peterson (R) raised $208,065 in the last three weeks of December. Combined with a $10,000 candidate loan, she has $210,078 cash on hand as of December 31. She received a lot of maxed-out (primary and general) contributions from reliable Republican funders.

On the Democratic side, Former Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick raised $400k in the quarter ($738k total) and has cash on hand of $464k.  Matt Heinz is next (so far). He raised $81,000 in the 4th quarter to bring his total contributions to $344k. Cash on hand: $193k.  Mary Matiella has raised $144k total ($51k in 4q) and has $47,701 in the bank. Former legislator Bruce Wheeler is in 4th place.

Links to all of the candidates' filings are listed here. We did not include filings that show no money raised. (If your favorite candidate is missing, please email us with the date of filing.)

McSally S:
Steve Smith CD1 R:
Shedd CD1 R:
Cavanaugh CD1 R:
Marquez Peterson CD2 R:
Kirkpatrick CD2 D:
Matiella CD2 D:
Wheeler CD2 D:
Heinz CD2 D:
Sherry CD2 D:
Grijalva CD3:
Arellano CD3 R:
Greene CD5 D:
Schweikert CD6:
Heather Ross CD6 D:
Anita Malik: CD6 D:
Allen CD8 R:
Franks CD8:
Lesko CD8:
Lien CD8 R:
Ferrara CD9 R:
Seth Leibsohn CD9 R:
Greg Stanton CD9 D:

* Candidates running in the Special Election to fill the vacant seat in CD8 have until February 15 to file their reports. Calendar for Special CD8:

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