Monday, October 15, 2018

ARIZONA ELECTION CASH REGISTER: McSally Had $600k Cash Edge Over Opponent Headed Into October Homestretch

Today is campaign finance report filing day for both federal and state candidates. Arizona's Politics will attempt to make the key reports available throughout today, tomorrow (for the late night filings) and the next week (for the U.S. Senate campaign reports, which take additional time to be posted...for now). We will highlight some of the key figures.

(Candidates: If you would like to send a copy of your report directly to us, please use the "Mitch @" email address. Thanks.)

2pm: Rep. Martha McSally (R-CD2) came into the homestretch of the intense Senate campaign with $2.7M* in the bank, approximately $600,000 more than Democratic opponent, Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-CD9). McSally raised fewer dollars - $4.4M - in the Aug.8-Sept.30 period than Sinema, but also spent less ($3.4M). 

Regardless, the combined $4.8M in the candidates' bank accounts is dwarfed by the amounts being spent by Super PACs and other outside groups. Those "Independent Expenditures" totaled $5.7M in one 48-hour period last week.

*Arizona's Politics has deducted the $656k debts owed by the committee from the closing cash on hand figure. An inspection of those campaign debts indicates that they are mostly current bills that will be paid.

1:30pm: Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-CD9) raised $4.9M in the 7 1/2 weeks ended September 30. She spent $5.5M, leaving her with cash on hand for October and until Election Day of $2.1M. Sinema and House colleague Rep. Martha McSally (R-CD2) are locked in one of the most-intense, most-watched Senate battles in the nation

10am: Wendy Rogers, the Republican challenger in the swing district of #AZ01, hauled in
approximately $450,000 in contributions in the 7 1/2 weeks ending September 30.* Her cash on hand going into the stretch drive has increased from $69,000 to $333,000. Rogers is trying to unseat Democratic Rep. Tom O'Halleran.

*Interestingly, she lent her campaign $8,000 on Sept. 27.

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