Thursday, October 11, 2018

BREAKING - ONE DOWN, TWO TO GO: Judge Brnovich Confirmed As A New U.S. District Court Judge For Arizona; Husband "Still Stunned"

Susan Brnovich will be the newest judge on Arizona's federal bench. With little fanfare following last week's major confrontation, the U.S. Senate confirmed a number of judges - some on voice votes, and others with merely 50 vote. Brnovich was approved with no opposition.

If that name sounds familiar, it is not only because Judge Brnovich has been on the Maricopa County Superior Court bench. Mr. Susan Brnovich is also Arizona's Attorney General and is in a contentious battle for re-election.

The Brnoviches were surprised by the timing of the vote. Mark Brnovich took to Twitter to make the announcement at exactly 5pm, and to say he was "still stunned". The vote had taken place 43 minutes earlier.

With Judge Brnovich taking Judge Neil V. Wake's vacancy (he became a Senior Judge in 2016), Arizona still has two vacancies on the federal bench. No nominations have been put forward for them yet. (Similarly, the Trump Administration has yet to nominate a U.S. Attorney for Arizona.) The process involves the Administration obtaining recommendations from the affected state's Senators; there have not been warm relations between the President and Arizona's (Republican) Senators.

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