Friday, January 29, 2021

ELECTION AUDIT WARS CONTINUE: County Supervisors Schedule Friday Meeting To Discuss Next Steps

UPDATE, 2/4/21, 11a.m.: ELECTION AUDIT WARS CONTINUE: County Supervisors Schedule Friday Meeting To Discuss Next Steps

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors will meet Friday morning to discuss and possibly take action on the ongoing election audit wars with fellow Republicans in the State Senate. They will go into Executive Session at 10am to discuss the battle plan before coming out into public session to perhaps take official action.

State Senate Republicans introduced a resolution yesterday to hold the 5 members of the Board of Supervisors in contempt - which could result in arrest - for failing to comply with the most recent subpoena regarding election information/software/hardware. They have not resumed pursuing the matter in the existing Superior Court case about whether the County should - or, can - turn over the materials

Original Article, 1/29, 2:30pm: ELECTION AUDIT WARS CONTINUE: State Senate, Maricopa County Both Moving Forward With Audits; Unclear What Senators Can Audit On Their Own
The State Senate's GOP leadership says that it has hired a firm to start its own forensic audit. However, details such as the identity of the firm, the scope of the audit, and even what data/equipment/etc is available to be audited remain unclear.

In Maricopa County's responsive statement this afternoon (below), it is clear that some information that had been subpoenaed has been turned over. County Communications Director Fields Moseley tells Arizona's Politics/Arizona's Law that a thumb drive full of stuff was provided a couple of weeks ago, but that it did not contain any of the contested items - private data, ballots, passwords, security codes, etc.

"We continue operating in good faith" to negotiate some agreement with Senate President Karen Fann's representatives, said Moseley.

Earlier this week, the County Board of Supervisors approved two separate audits in an effort to build confidence in the elections systems. Those will take place over the next two weeks. The easy-to-understand framework of those audits is posted below.

The court battle regarding the legislators' subpoenas remains in limbo as the parties continue to negotiate.


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