Thursday, January 28, 2021

UPDATE: Arizona's "QAnon Shaman" Transferred To New Jail That Can (and, Will) Meet His Organic Dietary Needs

UPDATE, 2/4/21, 1:40pm: 

Jacob Chansley has been transferred from D.C. jail to a facility in Virginia, due to his organic dietary needs. The move was announced by Judge Lamberth in a one-paragraph Memorandum this afternoon. 

"(T)he D.C. Department of Corrections has requested that defendant be removed from their facility immediately because they are unable to comply with the Court's February 3, 2021 Order. Defendant has been transported by the U.S. Marshals to the Alexandria Detention Center. The Sheriff there has advised the U.S. Marshal that the Alexandria Detention Center is able and willing to accommodate defendant's dietary requests."

This is now the third detention center for Mr. Chansley since being arrested by the FBI following the January 6 insurrection. Chansley indicates that his organic requests were met while initially behind bars in Arizona.

Here is yesterday's court order deciding that Chansley should receive food designated as "organic":

Update, 1/29/21, 2:00pmUPDATE: Arizona's "QAnon Shaman" Arraigned Today On Jan. 6 Insurrection Charges, Will Remain In Custody Pending March 5 Status Conference

 Chansley was arraigned today, and will remain behind bars. Next status conference scheduled for March 5. (Speedy Trial clock tolled 'til then.)

Original Article, 1/28/21, 2:30pm: "Arizona's "QAnon Shaman" Faces Arraignment Tomorrow On Jan. 6 Insurrection Charges; READ Detention Order"

Arizona's self-described "QAnon Shaman" will be arraigned in federal court tomorrow on the six charges for his activities at the January 6 violent takeover of the U.S. Capitol.

Saul Loeb (AFP)

Jacob Chansley (aka Jake Angeli) will appear at 2:30 (EST) for his arraignment, per a minute entry issued this afternoon. Chansley has been in custody since his arrest on January 9.

As reported in the Arizona Republic, Chansley - in his distinctive outfit and carrying a flag-strewn spear - left a threatening note for then Vice President Mike Pence. According to the detention order (below), he had also advocated on Twitter that "traitors within the United States government" should be identified and hanged.

Prosecutors had also convinced the U.S. Magistrate in Arizona to keep him in custody because he "had the motivations and capabilities to participate in similar unlawful acts." (aka lack of remorse).

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