Friday, July 2, 2021

BREAKING: 3 New Referenda Applications Filed To Fight Flat Tax, Elections Measures; 2 Different Groups Collecting Petition Signatures (LET FREEDOM RING EDITION)

Arizona voters will be asked to sign a handful of petitions to un-do various laws passed by the Legislature and signed by Governor Doug Ducey. "Invest In Arizona" and "Arizona Deserves Better" will each be circulating two different referendum petitions - three of which were filed on the eve of Independence Day.

"Invest in Arizona" is sponsored by Stand With Children and the AEA. They are focusing on two provisions of the budget bills that are designed to workaround the Invest in Ed tax surcharge on wealthy taxpayers and the flat tax provisions. (see below).

"Arizona Deserves Better" filed an application today to refer SB2569 to voters in November 2022. That law would prohibit city or county governments from accepting grant monies to help administer elections or register voters. Earlier, they filed an application to stop the so-called "PEVL Purge" bill.

Both groups will have until September 28 of this year to collect at least 118,823 valid signatures. If they do so, it will keep those laws from going into effect until after voters have the final say. (Arizona is one of only 23 states where voters have such a power.)

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1 comment:

Alison Porter said...

Thanks for sharing the information. Voters uniting to oppose these laws, sponsored and passed by extremists, will send a very public message that the people will no longer allow a small majority to continue to ignore the will of the majority of the voters.

September 28th is when they have to be submitted. In the future when mentioning the date you could say until 9/28 to collect and submit signatures so some aren't late in turning them in.