Tuesday, June 29, 2021

NEW: 3 of Arizona's 4 GOP Representatives Vote AGAINST Removing Statue Of Supreme Court Justice Who Authored Dreadful DRED SCOTT Opinion

Congress voted overwhelmingly to remove Roger Taney's statue from the U.S. Capitol. Three of Arizona's four Republican Representatives voted "nay".

Taney authored the Dred Scott decision in 1857, finding that the U.S. Constitution did not give people of African descent citizenship whether they were enslaved or freed. The overtly racist decision even contributed to the Civil War a few years later.

The House voted 285-120 to remove his bust and to eventually replace it with a bust of Thurgood Marshall, the first Black man to become a Supreme Court Justice (110 years after the Dred Scott decision). Arizona Reps. Debbie Lesko (CD8), Andy Biggs (CD5) and Paul Gosar (CD4) joined 116 other Republicans in voting against the switch. Rep. David Schweikert (CD6) was the only GOP member of the delegation to vote in the majority.

Here is the text of the bill, which now heads to the U.S. Senate.

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