Thursday, June 10, 2021

NEW, LISTEN: Rep. Kirkpatrick Working On Infrastructure, Including Frequent Contact With Senators Sinema, Kelly; Conversation Also Re: Immigration, "Moms Fed Up"

Arizona Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick is working on getting an infrastructure bill passed through Congress and ensuring that Arizona is getting its share of funding for some of the projects in southern Arizona. She has been in frequent contact with Arizona's two Senators, at a time when Sen. Kyrsten Sinema is being thrust into a key deal-making position on the issue.

Kirkpatrick (D-CD2) is urging her colleagues to "going big on the infrastructure bill.  We really need to do major, major infrastructure investments."  Kirkpatrick is no longer part of the Problem Solvers Caucus, which is the key group in the House that Sinema is aligning with.

Arizona's Politics had a few minutes late yesterday to speak with Kirkpatrick. The topics were her new Moms Fed Up effort to get more young mothers into Congress, the infrastructure bill, and - squeezed in -whether immigration reform can ever get accomplished.

Since then, Rep. Kirkpatrick issued a statement praising the House Transportation Committee's markup of a surface transportation bill which includes funds for several southern Arizona projects (including moving forward on a road which would connect I-19 and I-10 between Sahuarita and southeast Tucson, more north-south bus service in Tucson and projects in Cochise County).

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