Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Trump Administration/Allies Pushed DOJ For Pre-Jan.6 Supreme Court Action To Order "Special Election" In Arizona, 5 Other States (ARIZONA POLITICAL SHORTS)

2:20pm: Trump Administration/Allies Pushed DOJ For Pre-Jan.6 Supreme Court Action To Order "Special Election" In Arizona, 5 Other States

Former President Donald Trump pressured the Department of Justice to file a pre-January 6* Supreme Court action to force a special election in Arizona and five other states. 

The DOJ and Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen pushed back, asking for previous caselaw that would support the arguments. Although they did not file such a case, even the pressure campaign from the White House was inappropriate and unethical, without either factual or legal support for the claims.

The House Oversight Committee released the documents earlier today, which it received in response to a letter last month to DOJ demanding documents related to the lead up to the violent January 6 takeover of Congress to halt the acceptance of the Electoral College results.

The Complaint that Trump would have had the DOJ file alleges that the states had "rampant fraud" and that the temporary court-ordered extension of the voter registration deadline helped lead to an illegal result in Arizona. It cites then State Senator Warren Peterson claiming "evidence of tampering, there is evidence of fraud" in Maricopa County.

Trump also enlisted private attorney Kurt Olsen to pressure the Attorney General into filing the action. Olsen had represented Texas in its ill-fated Supreme Court action (that was also pushed by Arizona Republican lawmakers), and he advised Arizona State Sen. Sonny Borrelli that he knew of technology that could help Borrelli piece together shredded ballots allegedly found in a dumpster.

To read the Complaint to nullify Arizona's election that President Trump wanted the Department of Justice to file with the Supreme Court, please visit our sister site, Arizona's Law.

11:15am: Referenda Petitions Being Prepared To Keep The "P" In PEVL, Maintain Ballot Curing

An Arizona progressive group announced today that they are preparing petitions to refer two Ducey-signed laws that would make it more difficult for Arizonans to vote and make sure their ballots are counted.

"Arizona Deserves Better" has been a registered PAC since 2019, with Janie Hydrick and Eric Kramer as its officers. Kramer indicates that attorneys are finalizing petitions and staff is being hired. He posted his update on the progressive Daily Kos site, seeking volunteers and donations.

The two separate petitions would be for SB1485 and SB1003. The first adds a second process to remove voters from the Permanent Early Voting List ("PEVL") if they fail to vote in four consecutive elections - and the latter shortens the "curing" period for early ballots when the voter failed to sign the return envelope.

Once the Legislature ends their regular session, the group will have 90 days to collect 118,823 valid signatures to place the law(s) on the November 2022 ballot. The laws would not go into effect unless Arizona voters approve of what the lawmakers passed (and Gov. Ducey signed into law). (Less than half of the states give citizens the right to effectively veto a legislative/Governor law.)

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