Thursday, June 10, 2021

WATCH: FBI Director Chris Wray Questioned By Arizona Reps. Biggs, Stanton; FISA Courts, Murdered/Missing Indigenous Woman, Ransomware On the Table

FBI Director Chris Wray made one of his regular treks to Congress today, this time to be questioned by members of the (large) House Judiciary Committee. Arizona Reps. Andy Biggs and Greg Stanton both took their turns engaging Wray.

Rep. Biggs (R-CD5) used his five minutes to discuss the FBI's use - or mis-use - of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. Surprisingly, it was not the investigation of Carter Page and the 2016 Trump campaign, but a substantive discussion about a recently-released FISC opinion about possible misuse of Section 702 surveillance certifications. (For more on the subject, here is an excellent article.)

The conversation ended with Biggs claiming there had been "improprieties" and Wray saying that the court knowingly did not use such a conclusory term.

Rep. Stanton (D-CD9) took his turn soon after. He focused on what efforts the FBI may be taking to combat the pressing issue of murdered and missing indigenous women and girls. Wray noted the FBI's task force, this week's U.S. Supreme Court opinion that expanded authority for tribal police to detain non-Native Americans in their jurisdiction, and that he recently toured the Navajo Nation with their law enforcement - possibly the first FBI Director to take such a step to improve the working relationship.

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