Friday, June 18, 2021

BREAKING: Group files referendum application to keep the "P" in PEVL (Arizona Early Voting) (ARIZONA POLITICAL SHORTS)

11am: BREAKING: Group files referendum application to keep the "P" in PEVL (Arizona Early Voting)

A group calling itself Arizona Deserves Better filed an application Friday for a referendum aiming to keep the "P" in PEVL. PEVL is Arizona's "Permanent Early Voting List".

Governor Doug Ducey signed SB1485 into law last month (May 11), a measure that would stop mailing early ballots to people if they do not vote in four consecutive elections. Approximately 80% of Arizona's voters are on the permanent list, and there are already laws in place to keep the list accurate.

Eric Kramer, one of the group's leaders, tells Arizona's Politics that another referendum will be filed shortly on SB1003, and that additional ones may be filed if the Legislature passes any other "voter suppression" measures in its waning days.

Once the Legislature ends their regular session, the group will have 90 days to collect 118,823 valid signatures to place the law(s) on the November 2022 ballot. The laws would not go into effect unless Arizona voters approve of what the lawmakers passed (and Gov. Ducey signed into law).

The text of the bill is hereHere is the application filed with the Secretary of State.

For more details, here is our article from earlier in the week and the group's website.

8:30am: RELEASE THE KRAKEN...ATTORNEY: Alex Kolodin Plans To Run For State House Seat

The Arizona attorney who worked with Sidney Powell and the Trump team to bring several of the lawsuits claiming widespread fraud in Maricopa County's November elections wants to be on next year's ballot. Alex Kolodin last night filed a Statement of Interest to run for one of the State House seats in Legislative District 23.

Kolodin intends to run as a Republican and hopes to take the slot currently occupied by Rep. John Kavanagh (R). (Kavanagh is aiming to move back to the State Senate.) This is Kolodin's 2nd attempt to get to the legislature; he lost to Michelle Ugenti-Rita in the 2020 Senate primary.

Kolodin not only worked on several of the cases that unsuccessfully tried to un-do Donald Trump's loss in Arizona by alleging unsubstantiated fraud, but he briefly represented the Cyber Ninjas in the election audit case. Kolodin caused the first judge to recuse himself, unsuccessfully tried to keep his filings under seal, and was replaced (by Wilenchik & Bartness) on the second day of hearings. (The judge had to kick him out of the hearing after they tried to use the switch to delay the case.)

LD23 contains part of North Scottsdale, Fountain Hills and the surrounding area.


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