Saturday, January 18, 2014

Arizona Still Headed Toward Two-Tier Election; Just Under Deadline, U.S. Election Assistance Commission Denies Arizona/Kansas Bid To Change Motor Voter Form

Arizona and Kansas are still headed towards having separate ballots for people who register to vote with the federal form (and do not separately provide proof of citizenship).

Last night - just before a court-ordered deadline - the Acting Executive Director of the ghost ship known as the U.S. Election Assistance Commission issued a scathing decision determining that the states showing that 0.007% and 0.001% (respectively) of registered voters are non-citizens - which may or may not have been prevented by requiring proof of citizenship documents - is not enough to justify changing the federal voter registration forms.

The result of yesterday's decision - which is found below and which concisely-yet-completely summarizes the entire situation - is likely to be that Arizona and Kansas will continue to play out the legal effort to force the federal voter registration form to change, but will have to continue with their plans to print out federal office only ballots for people who use the federal form to register.

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