Tuesday, January 28, 2014

SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO? Coalition Tried To Recall Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio In 2013, Demonstrating To Urge Him To Stay Put In 2014

Citizens for a Better Arizona - the coalition that unsuccessfully attempted to recall Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in 2013 - is holding a "caucus" tomorrow outside MCSO headquarters tomorrow to urge the Sheriff to "Stay Put."

"My, how things have changed," is Arpaio's response to the announcement of tomorrow's demonstration.

Last week, Arpaio announced that his 2016 re-election campaign had raised $3.5 Million during the 13-month period ending December 31.  Campaign manager Chad Willems told Arizona's Politics that approximately $2M of that total was raised during the recall effort (which had apparently collected somewhere between 200,000 and the 335,000 valid signatures they needed to force a recall election).

In the news release, Arpaio was quoted as noting that supporters urge him to run for Governor, and saying that he would (again) "give it serious consideration".

That became the hook for CBA to again express its displeasure with the Sheriff - by calling him "out of control" and urging him to "stay put... under the watchful eye of his $28 million babysitter - Monitor Warshaw".  (The full text of their Facebook announcement is below the jump.)

Arpaio publicized it on his Twitter feed this afternoon, enjoying the turnabout:  "Protestors who once called for my recall are coming tomorrow to new my HQ at 11am to ask me to stay Sheriff! My, how things have changed!"

Raising $2M off of the recall effort that also cost CBA supporters a large sum of money has a way of allowing Arpaio to laugh about a demonstration trying to focus attention on the fact that "Maricopa County finally got a monitor to babysit (him)."

(Citizens For A Better Arizona's Facebook announcement)


Sheriff Joe Arpaio broke another fundraising record and now thinks he ought to run for governor. To that we say NO! Last year Arpaio was found guilty of racial profiling & his out-of-state supporters rewarded him with a record $3.5 million in campaign donations. Maricopa Co. finally got a monitor to babysit Arpaio & that's where he belongs. Arpaio is out-of-control and we need Monitor Warshaw to keep him in check...

Please join us for the Joe Arpaio's Gubernatorial STAY-PUT Committee. Our newly form STAY-PUT Committee will caucus for the first time at Arpaio's new building to make sure he stays under the watchful-eye of his $28 million babysitter - Monitor Warshaw.

What: Arpaio action to make sure he doesn't run for Governor
When: Wed, Jan 29th, 11:00 AM
Where: Arpaio's new office - 550 W. Jackson Street, Phx

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