Friday, January 31, 2014

CD9: Incumbent Sinema Has More Than $1M Parked In Bank

(Correction: The Vernon Parker report for his 2014 campaign has not been filed; the zero number originally reported was for the report filed yesterday for his identically-named 2012 campaign committee.  Parker's 2014 campaign has $80,449 cash on hand as of September 30, 2013.)

Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-CD9) has topped $1,000,000 in her campaign bank account, ready for a stiff Republican challenge in November.

The other announced Republican challengers have the rest of today to get their reports filed (although they might be filed and not yet up on the FEC's website).  Wendy Rogers - who had $271,628 in the bank on September 30 - filed an amended 3rd quarter report last night, but has not yet posted the year-end report.  Andrew Walter had a $150,00 war chest on September 30.  And, the 2012 GOP nominee, Vernon Parker, had $80,449 cash on hand going into October.

Sinema collected $339,303 in contributions in the last quarter of 2013 - bringing her total to nearly $1.4Million.   In the last quarter, $131K was from political action committees and $208K from individuals.  Her cash on hand is $1,021, 589.  (Arizona's Politics will list candidates PAC contributions in a later article.)
Although Sinema has not yet been targeted with the advertising barrage by Republican-philic groups that her fellow Arizona Democrats in swing districts are experiencing, the first-term Representative and Democrats are preparing for another free-spending battle in the Phoenix-area district.

Rodd McLeod, a Sinema campaign spokesman, attributes the fundraising numbers to her focus on grassroots here in Arizona, telling Arizona's Politics "Kyrsten has worked hard during her first year in Congress to stay in close touch with the grassroots in Arizona, holding public meetings with constituents and supporters every month. One result of her Arizona-focused approach has been strong fundraising."  He then took a swipe at the GOP candidates, referencing tax cuts for the wealthy and privatizing Social Security.

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