Sunday, July 15, 2018

BREAKING, READ: New Plan For Reunifying Children Separated At Border

Sunday afternoon, the government filed a new "Notice" with the Southern California District Court in the case regarding children separated from their parents at the U.S./Mexico border by CBP. In it, they set forth their new plan (dated Saturday) for reunifications.

The court filing followed the Friday flurry of activity after the government told Judge Dana Sabraw that the tight deadlines imposed by the court were putting some of the childrens' safety at risk. Judge Sabraw went into beast mode, calling a Friday night status conference, and setting out a 6-page order slamming the allegation and telling the government to get a plan on his desk by Monday morning (to be followed with another status conference at 9:30am).

In today's notice, the government attorneys note that they are "devoting extraordinary resources to comply fully with this Court's orders, and to do so in good faith." They also note that HHS does not believe there will be "indicia of trafficking" in the large majority of cases, nd that they are prepared to do expedited DNA testing if needed in some of the cases.

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