Monday, July 23, 2018

BREAKING, WATCH: ACLU Spends $300K In Arizona On Senate Race; 1st ACLU IE In the Nation Targets Arpaio's, The GOP's "Anti-Immigrant Bandwagon"

The American Civil Liberties Union ("ACLU") today began a $300,000 campaign in Arizona to fight what it calls the "Anti-Immigrant Bandwagon" being led by the Republicans' three contenders for Sen. Jeff Flake's seat.

The effort is the first of its kind in the nation by the ACLU, and they go out of their way to emphasize that "we do not endorse or oppose candidates." Rather, it is "opposition to one or more of the positions of the candidates identified on critical civil liberties issues."

The ads and the canvassing handouts focus on former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio - a familiar foe for the ACLU. But, it also mentions Arpaio's primary opponents Rep. Martha McSally (R-CD2) and Kelli Ward as joining "Arpaio's anti-immigrant bandwagon".

In addition to the TV ads running in Phoenix and Tucson in both English and Spanish, and on digital platforms, the ACLU is phone banking and doing door-to-door canvasses up until the August 28 primary election date.

Alessandra Soler, the executive director of ACLU of Arizona said “We are putting candidates like Joe Arpaio, who was pardoned by the president and praised by the governor, on notice that voters are paying attention and will not ignore a history of civil rights abuses. Arpaio terrorized the Latino community in Maricopa County for years, tearing families apart with neighborhood sweeps that violated the rights of many people."

And, ACLU of Arizona's Communications Director Steve Kilar added to Arizona's Politics that "we believe that this critical election, which has the potential to help turn the tide for civil liberties, is one that will motivate people to join the ACLU and vote like their rights depend on it."*

(Here is a link to the canvassing handouts.)

*Of course, in an Arizona Republican primary, saying that the ACLU is opposed to someone could actually be to that candidate's benefit.

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