Wednesday, July 25, 2018

UPDATE: APS Group Now Says 20,000 Clean Energy Signatures Were Collected By Felons (READ)

An Arizona Public Service (APS)-funded group has supplemented its court challenge to the Clean Energy ballot initiative to indicate that more than 20,000 signatures were invalidly collected by circulators with felony convictions*.

The Supplement was filed with the Superior Court on Friday, one day after the initial Complaint was filed which noted that only 168 such signatures were turned in.  That was significant because Arizonans for Affordable Electricity (the utility-funded group) spent considerable resources urging people not to sign the petition because persons with felonies had been registered to circulate the petition.

Superior Court Judge Daniel Kiley will consider arguments this coming Monday about how to proceed on AAE's legal challenge. County Recorders from around the state have objected to Plaintiffs' discovery requests forcing them to check some 370,000 challenged signatures in addition to the 5% random sample validity check required under Arizona law.

*without civil rights restored

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