Thursday, July 19, 2018

TIDBITS: Challenge Filed Vs. Outlaw Dirty Money (READ Lawsuit)

7/21, 11am: It turns out that a challenge was filed yesterday afternoon against the Outlaw Dirty Money measure. As Arizona Capitol Media notes, the action is filed by officials of groups that have thrived on the use of monies from undisclosed donors - the Arizona Free Enterprise Club's Scot Mussi and Americans For Prosperity-Arizona's Andrew Clark.

The Complaint relies on challenging the eligibility of the circulators obtaining signatures, rather than challenging individual signors.  Plaintiffs' attorneys Kory Langhofer and Tom Basile tell Arizona's Politics that the case was filed yesterday afternoon, but were unsure why it was not listed in the Court Clerk's database as of late this morning. (Update: as of noon, it is now listed, although no hearing date is shown.)

Here is the Complaint:

(Full disclosure: Arizona's Politics has submitted a ballot measure argument supporting the initiative, although we are not involved with the effort.)

7/20, 5:30pm: The 5pm deadline has come and passed, with evidence of only one court challenge filed against an initiative. (

This does not mean that @OutlawDirty, the @AARSuccess and @investinedaz groups are home-free, however. 

(1) a court challenge could be filed after-hours*; and 

(2) state Elections Director @Eric_Spencer, and all the County Recorders still complete statutory checks on petition sheets and random samples of sigs.

*Unlikely, but if so, it would not appear on the @MaricopaClerk 's website until tomorrow.
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