Wednesday, July 25, 2018

BREAKING, UPDATE: ACLU Doubles 1st-In-Nation Effort In Arizona Senate Race; Spends $400k More On TV Ad

The American Civil Liberties Union ("ACLU") filed a report today indicating that it has spent more than $400,000 on airing a television ad decrying the "anti-immigrant bandwagon" that Arizona's three Republican candidates for U.S. Senate are riding. That brings their effort to $726,772 in Arizona - the first federal race that the organization has become involved in.

Arizona's Politics previously reported on the ACLU's campaign - which it takes pains to emphasize is about the civil liberties positions of former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Arpaio is running fo the seat being vacated by Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ), and the ACLU's ads say that his primary opponents - Rep. Martha McSally (R-CD9) and Dr. Kelli Ward - have joined him on that bandwagon.

The new FEC filing indicates that $345,000 is being spent on airtime with production costs estimated to be more than $55,000. This is the first time that the ACLU has filed an independent expenditure report for monies spent on a federal election.

Steve Kilar, the Communications Director for the Arizona Chapter of the ACLU, tells Arizona's Politics that a key motivation for this effort is outreach. "We believe that this critical election, which has the potential to help turn the tide for civil liberties, is one that will motivate people to join the ACLU and vote like their rights depend on it," Kilar said.

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