Wednesday, March 6, 2019

McSally Campaign Refunds $121,657 In Excessive Contributions, But Has No Response For How To Improve Its Identification Process

Senator Martha McSally's campaign has refunded an eye-opening $121,657 in excessive contributions from its unsuccessful 2018 campaign. In a separate response, the campaign told the Federal Election Commission that it does the minimum required to try to find out donors' employer and occupation information, but has no explanation for why they have more trouble identifying such issues than other campaigns.

As reported by Arizona's Politics, the FEC sent the McSally campaign two "Requests for Additional Information" about the excessive contributions and identifying info. Those responses were filed on Monday, and are published below.

The limit that an individual can contribute for a campaign cycle was $2,700. The campaign refunded the $121,657 to 55 persons who had already exceeded the limits. (The limit was $2,700 for the primary campaign, and $2,700 for the general election. The McSally campaign also accepted contributions of up to $2,700 for a possible recount, and must reattribute or refund those monies.)

Despite the large amount of refunds, the McSally campaign reported more than $923,000 in the bank as of December 31, 2018. (Most of the refunds were made in January and February.)

The McSally campaign has had a remarkably difficult time over the past several years keeping its finances straight and within the legal rules. Arizona's Politics has reported on the audit concluded last year by the FEC.

While the McSally campaign said this week that they do what is required to get donors' required employment information, the FEC's notices and independent past research has shown that the campaign leaves many more blank boxes than other committees.

Arizona's Politics has requested further information and will update as necessary.

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