Thursday, March 7, 2019

READ/WATCH: After Bipartisan Teeth-Gnashing and Hand-Wringing, House Passes Anti-Anti-Hatred Resolution; Rep. Biggs Among Republicans Mocking Dems

Update, 3/8 10am: In addition to Rep. Biggs, Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar was among the 23 nay votes. Here is his explanation: "Without naming the offender, the chastisement is an empty gesture. I voted “no” to the watered down resolution. It’s time for Democrats to take real action against these anti -Jewish remarks."

After much bipartisan teeth-gnashing and hand-wringing, the U.S. House overwhelmingly passed a resolution condemning hatred of many kinds, 407-23. The resolution was initially intended as a rebuke to freshman lawmaker Ilhan Omar's (D-MN) recent remarks using the word "allegiance" to a foreign country in complaining about pro-Israel bias in the House.

Democrats have spent the past several days debating among themselves how to rebuke Omar for again playing to an anti-Semitic trope without alienating Democrats who believed that she is speaking truth to power.

Today, it was a chance on the House Floor for Republicans to mock the Democrats' efforts, and they gleefully - while seriously condemning anti-Semitism in the Democrats' ranks - took to the task. Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs (R-CD5) mocked it and voted against it.

Here is the final version of HR183.

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