Thursday, December 9, 2010

ITALY: A Contest You MUST Enter (By Tomorrow); Support YOUR Public Radio Station(s)

Most of us (readin' or writin' this blog) get our news and analysis from a number of sources.  While I am honored that Arizona's Politics may be one of those places, it pales in comparison to the value that we receive from our public radio stations.

Phoenix' public radio - KJZZ 91.5FM - does a great job of adding in-depth Arizona news coverage to the NPR programming.  And, if you have not already made a pledge to their year-end fund drive, their contest to give one supporter a deluxe vacation to Italy should get you clicking/calling there immediately.  Pledge and enter before 6pm tomorrow (though you might want to make sure you do so during one of the many hours that they are offering entries into the drawing).

And yes, I am trying to publicize that contest even while knowing that it decreases the odds that I will win the trip!  (By the way, even so, the odds will be far better than most raffles/lotteries/etc.)

Sure, I could end this post here.  Seeing as how I live in Phoenix these days.  But, I have also had great experiences - listening and otherwise - at Tucson's and Flagstaff's university-hosted public radio stations.  Please support KUAT (apparently not doing a drive now, but offering great "Rewards" to places around the Old Pueblo) and KNAU (giving away an iPod Nano to someone who pledges between now and Dec. 31).  Yuma's KAWC is worthy of support, too, and I'll throw in Tucson's non-NPR public station KXCI (online fundraising auction with good deals, thru Dec. 15).  (Hope I didn't miss any stations.)

Remember, those contributions may be tax deductible.  Regardless, they sure help add to the news landscape in Arizona!

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