Friday, December 10, 2010

WATCH (and PASS IT ON): Dave Talley Honored For Integrity; Homeless Man In Tempe Receives Yearlong Light Rail Pass;

Not sure how I missed this news a few weeks ago, but I am very happy that the New Times posted this followup today. 

Quick summary: Dave Talley, a homeless man living in Tempe, finds backpack at light rail stop.  He - with help from folks at non-profit Tempe Community Action Agency/Interfaith Homeless Emergency Lodging Program (TCAA and I-HELP) - discovers about $3,300 in cash and tracks down owner.  Story makes news nationally.  Tempe honors him yesterday with "Dave Talley Day", and the light rail folks give him free passes for the coming year.

Better than my summary, however, is watching the video from last night's meeting.  (The video lasts about 4 minutes.)  You can certainly get a better feel for Mr. Talley. (He had oral surgery this week, so he unfortunately did not speak.)

Besides the message of integrity that Dave Talley has unwittingly given us all, this has given an opportunity to spotlight the private programs that people in Tempe have pioneered to assist Mr. Talley and other homeless (or near-homeless) individuals.  Both the TCAA and its I-HELP program have done a fantastic job of getting local faith-based congregations and members of those communities involved in providing humanitarian services. 

This is a GREAT opportunity to support the TCAA, I-HELP, Mr. Talley and other individuals.  Please do so today.  (Those in Arizona can benefit from a dollar-for-dollar tax credit, too.)

Personal note: I have participated in I-HELP's programs on a number of occasions over the past few years.  I do not believe that I met Mr. Talley any of the times that we have served meals through the program, but I can say that the people who I have spoken with are among those who definitely deserve a better shake from life;  with programs like I-HELP, Project Homeless Connect, and others, the chances for that better shake are much better.

More than any other posts I have made on this blog, I hope that you will consider forwarding/Tweeting/e-mailing/Facebooking/whatevering this post to your friends/family/contacts/Tweeple/whoever.  Dave Talley, I-HELP, and others, thank you.

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