Friday, December 10, 2010

UPDATE: Comment On Clean Elections Proposed Rule Tweak On Asset Returns; Pushed Back To February Meeting

Last week, we followed up on Cronkite News Services' article about the Arizona Clean Elections Commission meeting, and tried to move it forward.  Both articles focused on the proposed rule change on assets purchased by candidates worth more than $200. 

It was reported that the proposed tweak would be reconsidered at the January 27 meeting;  we noted that the 60-day public comment period would end slightly past the meeting.  The newly-revised proposed rule IS now up on the Clean Elections website and is open for comment until February 7.  The Commission confirmed to Arizona's Politics Thursday afternoon that it has been pushed back to the February 17 meeting.

The new proposed rule is now available for review on the website (also below), and the link to comment is up, too.

In the previous post, I offered some possible options, and urged everyone to offer their comments.  Those comments (obviously) still hold.  The only additional ones I came up with today are only to clarify a couple of the clauses.

Again, I encourage you to submit comments to the Commission, as well.

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