Monday, November 5, 2012

Arizona Political Money Group Turns Over Donor Info To California; Campaign Money Laundering?

Arizona-based Americans for Responsible Leadership ("ARL") this morning turned over the source of the $11 Million it sent to California to oppose ballot measures there.  It indicated it came through "Americans for Job Security" from the "Center to Protect Patient Rights".  California's campaign watchdog says that is an admission that ARL violated California's campaign money laundering laws.

ARL has also spent large sums of money on Arizona ballot measures, opposing both Props 121 (top two primary) and 204 (one cent sales tax).  In addition, they have spent $2.4 Million supporting Mitt Romney in the Presidential race.  Americans for Job Security has spent $15.2 Million opposing Barack Obama this year.

Here is a screen shot of a page from California's campaign manual, about money laundering:

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