Thursday, November 1, 2012

Catholic Association Robocalls Against Obama

Arizona's Politics loves Bruce Ash, one of Arizona's two National Committeemen to the Republican National Committee.  But, it was just coincidental that Committeeman Ash had just Facebook posted his thanks that the Catholic Bishop in Illinois ordered priests to read an anti-Obama letter this Sunday, and I then spotted an Independent Expenditure filing by The Catholic Association.  This group - which is not (directly) affiliated with the Catholic Church - is robo-calling (and live calling) Catholics to oppose Obama.

The new expenditures are $51,000, and they have now spent more than $200,000 in the campaign.  The Catholic Association's mission statement includes the following sentence:  "Partisan politics is what divides many Catholics -- we want to focus on what unites faithful Catholics in order to build a powerful coalition to positively influence our world."

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