Monday, November 5, 2012

BREAKING, FOLLOWING MONEY IN ARIZONA'S POLITICS: Phoenix Firm Benefits From Controversial ARL's Final Money Ball

Americans for Responsible Leadership ("ARL") was in the news this morning for finally releasing information about where it had received its money to pour $11 Million into defeating California ballot propositions;  tonight, it will be in the news for spending $2.65 Million today on last minute robocalls attacking President Obama and in favor of Mitt Romney and Republican Senate candidates across the country.

The $2.4 Million spent on the Presidential race today nearly doubled ARL's investment in that tight race, to nearly $4.9 Million.

Most of those phone calls are originating from here in Phoenix, with approximately $2.4 Million paid to Phoenix-based Direct Response, LLC.  Direct Response is owned by Jack Padovano and partner Phillip Baker, and is located near the 101 and Beardsley.

Rep. Jeff Flake was the beneficiary of only $6,817.10 worth of phone calls in this go-round, approximately doubling the amount ARL has expended on the campaign.

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