Saturday, June 15, 2013

LOOK: Sen. Flake Swings! But, Is He A Hit? GOP Gets Trounced For A Good Cause

The annual Congressional Baseball Game for Charity took place under stormy skies this week, and Senator Jeff Flake continued to represent Arizona as he played the hot corner for the Republicans.

The game pits the GOP lawmakers vs. the Democrats, and this year's affair was no contest, as the Democrats won, 22-0.

Flake has been participating in the annual game, which benefits several charities.

Besides covering the game, The Hill (and Congressional Quarterly) also took plenty of pictures, including this great action shot of Flake at bat in the first inning.

Arizona's Politics has asked the Senator's office for information on whether he was able to get that bill ball passed past the infield, and whether the fence - in the outfield - was secure.

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