Thursday, March 6, 2014

SIDEBAR: McCain Least Popular, With An Asterisk; Arizona, Montana Only Two POLLED States Disapproving of Both Their Senators

We just posted the article about Public Policy Polling ("PPP") dubbing Arizona Senator John McCain as the "Least Popular Senator In Country."  Arizona and Montana are also the only two states disapproving of BOTH of their Senators' job performance.

But, all of that requires some explanation and/or an asterisk.

PPP has not polled all 50 states, and the ones that they have polled have all been at different times.  Below is the top portion of the chart of Senators that have negative approval/disapproval numbers.

The full chart is available here.

You can see that the dates range from March 2010 (Alabama) to this week.  And, on the Governor's chart, a maximum of 44 different states' leaders are listed.

While it is very possible that McCain currently would receive the highest disapproval from his or her state's voters - and that Arizona and Montana voters are the most dissatisfied - it is important to note that we do not have a full bushel of fruit to compare (not all states) and that the fruit has some apples and some oranges (different times).

I appreciate the responses from Tom Jensen at Public Policy Polling - this is not the first time I have e-mailed him and posted about his polls and news releases.

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