Tuesday, March 11, 2014

WATCH: President Obama Deflects... AGAIN... On Birth Certificate Issue! (Transcript)

When it came to answering questions about his home country or his birth certificate today, U.S. President Barack Obama changed the subject.

The hard questioning by former actor Zach Galifinakis comes at about 2:23 in the video.  The transcript is below.

The President/community organizer appeared on "Between Two Ferns" in order to "plug" his Healthcare.gov website and the looming December January March 31 deadline.  The surprise at the end of the show reveals who permitted Galifinakis to be taping his program in the White House.

h/t some website called FOD

Transcript re: home country & birth certificate:
Zach: Where are you planning on building
your Presidential Library,in Hawaii or your home country of Kenya?
Because…I mean both places seem like they would be…
Obama: Zach, that's a ridiculous question.
Zach: Well, you know- I mean not to bring up the birth certificate thing but you really never did really produce your real…
Obama: Where is your birth certificate?  Why don't you show it to us right now?
 Zach:  I don't want to show anybody my birth certificate because it's embarassing.
Obama: What's embarassing about it?
ZACH: [sighs] My weight on it.  It says that I was born seven pounds…
eight hundred ounces.

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