Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Bill Clinton Schedules December 4 Paradise Valley Fundraiser For Hillary's Campaign

Former President Bill Clinton will be dropping in at a Paradise Valley Friday lunchtime fundraiser for his wife's Presidential campaign.

Politico reports that Hillary's husband is making a 20-city tour between today and December 14. The Phoenix-area stop will be in between L.A. and Seattle on the 3rd, and Laredo (TX) later on the 4th.

The fundraiser report gives some insight into the seemingly-sudden announcement by freshman Arizona Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-CD7) that he is endorsing Clinton.

(Arizona's Politics is looking for a friend on the Democratic side of the aisle to email a copy of the fundraiser invitation. As we have done in the past with campaign mailers, we will hold a drawing for a gift card at the end of this election cycle; the first person to send this invitation will receive five entries.)

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