Monday, November 30, 2015

READ: ACC Chair Bitter Smith: If I'm Removed, Could "Exclude Almost Anyone" From Commission

Arizona Corporation Commission Chairwoman Susan Bitter Smith responded to the Supreme Court
petition to remove her from office tonight, denying that she had a legal conflict and saying that the Attorney General's reading is "broad enough to be read to exclude almost anyone from serving on the Commission or any state office."

Attorney General Mark Brnovich announced the filing of a Special Action petition this morning. Arizona's Politics published the petition and the exhibits.

At the time, we asked the Corporation Commission and Bitter Smith for their response. The Corporation Commission forwarded the Chairwoman's statement - received through her attorney - tonight.

She begins by attempting to cast it in a partisan light, although Brnovich is a fellow Republican elected official. She then repeats her denial that she lobbied for or was paid by regulated entities.  Finally, she seeks to frame it as a "policy issue" as to how far conflict of interest laws should extend: should a customer of a regulated entity be excluded?

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1 comment:

Steve Muratore aka Arizona Eagletarian said...

Bitter Smith's reply to the Brnovich's press conference illustrates the starkness of the contemporary Post Truth media environment.

Clearly, her statement is full of obviously false statements but who is going to adequately reprimand her for it?