Monday, November 30, 2015

WATCH: AZ Supreme Court May Decide Fate Of Ariz. Corp. Comm. Chair; Attorney General "Is Flat Wrong....They Are Separate and Distinct Corporations." --Bitter Smith

Susan Bitter Smith, Chairwoman of the Arizona Corporation Commission believes Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich is "flat wrong" in filing a Supreme Court Special Action to remove her from office.

The petition - filed this morning - argues that Bitter Smith is not qualified to be on the commission regulating Arizona utilities because of her lobbying and working on behalf of regulated companies.

Brnovich's announcement follows an investigation of a complaint filed with his office in September by Chandler attorney Tom Ryan.  Following Ryan's complaint, Bitter Smith went on TV (with Channel 3's Dennis Welch) to refute the allegations. She made the case that "They are separate and distinct corporations." 3TV | Phoenix Breaking News, Weather, Sport
Here is the petition filed with the Arizona Supreme Court this a.m.

The Corporation Commission has referred Arizona's Politics to the law firm of Polsinelli, P.C., for response from Bitter Smith.

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