Monday, November 23, 2015

Top 3 Articles For the Week: Mormons and Trump and Casinos, Oh My!

We have not done this before, but we probably have not had this busy, varied and well-read week in a long time. Especially, not one year before election day.  So, let's count down the most-read articles here on Arizona's Politics (past 7 days).

3.  WATCH: Arizona Congressmen Go At It Over Glendale Casino, Before Vote To Stop It Falls Short; McSally, Kirkpatrick Cross Party Lines (11/16)

With the casino slated to open on December 20, the mega-lobbying battle between three Arizona Native American Nations - gaining national attention - brought the perennial bill to stop the casino to the House floor.  This time, however, with the Congressional Budget Office warning of a potential $1Billion cost, the House could not muster the 2/3 majority needed to put it in the Senate's lap. As part of Arizona's Politics' raisons d'etre is to provide context you won't find elsewhere, we were the only website snipping and featuring the entire Arizona-focused debate; that attracted a few hundred readers and 100 people who watched the debate.

2.   "Beyond "Dump Trump"; Infamous "American Encore" (fka CPPR) Enters Iowa Air War Attacking Cruz (11/22)

Arizona's Politics' original reporting was picked up this morning by Politico's "Morning Score". Arizona's Sean Noble has been advocating to #DumpTrump for months, and his dark money mega-Super PAC American Encore (fka the Koch brothers' network's go-to anonymizing Center To Protect Patient Rights) is now looking beyond and beginning to air attack Ted Cruz ads in Iowa. (This article initially indicated that the ads supported Cruz, based upon American Encore's labeling, and its anti-Trump columns; it had failed to respond to requests for clarification.

1.  WATCH: Trump Spokeswoman Incorrectly Claims U.S. Has Investigated and Shut Down "Mormon Churches"(11/18)

The Muslim-American woman in the arresting Stars-and-Stripes hijab on Fox News got a lot of Arizona's Politics ear was that Donald Trump's national spokeswoman, Katrina Pierson, incorrectly claimed that the federal government had investigated and "shut down"..."Mormon churches".  Arizona was the home of the illegal FLDS congregation that had long been disowned by the "Mormon church" because of its polygamous practices.  Arizona's Politics' article was circulated - and, widely discussed - on Mormon Reddit categories.
people's attention. However, what caught

Honorable Mentions:
Bill Clinton Schedules December 4 Paradise Valley Fundraiser For Hillary's Campaign (11/17)

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