Friday, November 13, 2015

Jeb, Ted First Two Presidential Candidates In Arizona's Blocks, Ready For March 22 Run

Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz are the first two candidates to submit their paperwork for Arizona's Presidential primary scheduled for March 22.

The Arizona Secretary of State's Office confirmed this morning that operatives for the former Florida Governor was first in the door with the paperwork this morning, followed by the Texas Senator's. Today was the first day presidential candidates could file. (December 14 is the last day to file.)

Arizona's Presidential Preference Election is slated for the fourth Tuesday in March, and will be the largest of the three states* voting that day.  Candidates for either the Republican or Democratic nomination must file 500 valid signatures, or demonstrate that they are on primary ballots in at least two other states.

*Utah will be having a primary for both major parties that day, and Idaho will have its Democratic caucuses.

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