Sunday, November 22, 2015

Beyond "Dump Trump"; Infamous "American Encore" (fka CPPR) Enters Iowa Air War Attacking Cruz

(UPDATE, 11/24, 5:10pm: American Encore, which did not respond to Arizona's Politics' request for clarifications, posted its ad today. It hammers Cruz, rather than supporting him. See the ad here. The article below has been adapted; Arizona's Politics regrets any confusion caused.)
(UPDATE, 11/23, 1:15pm: Additional details on size of ad buy are coming in (slowly). KCRG, the ABC affiliate in Cedar Rapids, has uploaded details of a $22,000 purchase for this holiday week. That brings the sure-to-grow total to $69,000. The updated total is reflected in 2nd paragraph.)

Sean Noble, former money "wizard" for the Koch Brothers' political network, has been preaching "Dump Trump" for several months now; this week, his American Encore organization looks beyond, and begins airing ads in Iowa attacking Ted Cruz's Presidential bid.

The $69,000 ad buy focuses on "national security", and will begin airing tomorrow (Tuesday) in Des Moines.  American Encore - formerly known as the Center to Protect Patient Rights - remains a major player in conservative independent expenditures and contribution anonymizing.  Its President/Treasurer, Sean Noble, has been publicly campaigning against GOP frontrunner Donald Trump since this past July.

Arizona's Politics has requested more information from American Encore, as well as a copy of the ad, and will update as needed.
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