Tuesday, November 17, 2015

WATCH: McSally: "This Is Insanity!...We Need To Unleash Air Power" Vs. ISIS

Arizona frosh Rep. Martha McSally (R-CD2) went "On the Record" on Fox News tonight to say that the U.S. has to "take the gloves off" in combatting ISIS. "This is insanity! We can do this if we use our air power in a much stronger way."

McSally has been repeatedly pushing the military and the Administration on the issue of combat pilots not getting approval to deliver their ordnance if there is any chance of civilian casualties.  She states that France and Russia are now leading the way, and that the U.S. "need(s) to unleash all that air power brings to this fight. ISIS has declared themselves a state; we need to treat them like a state."

(Other quote: "A very anemic response with pin prick strikes")

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