Thursday, April 30, 2020

ARIZONA ELECTION CHALLENGES - Big and Small, Updated through April 30

Here is the complete, updated spreadsheet of election challenges from around the state. This is currently updated as of 5pm, April 30.

Thursday night update: Boyd Dunn's counsel indicates that they WILL appeal his removal to the Arizona Supreme Court. Details here.

And, here is the separate article on the challenge against State Rep. Shawnna Bolick. No word yet on whether the decision that she will remain on the ballot is going to be appealed.

It includes all of the cases from Maricopa County Superior Court - which handles statewide, multi-county, and county wide cases. It also includes cases from other counties that were provided to Arizona's Politics/AZ Law by readers or officials.

If you have info on any cases - from any county - that are not listed here, please email me all of the necessary data (and a link, if available) to Paul.Weich.AZlaw @ Ditto if you have updates on the spreadsheet.

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