Friday, April 3, 2020

BREAKING: SuperPAC Starts Hitting McSally On Fox News For Early Covid-19 Remarks, CDC Vote (WATCH AD)

An anti-McSally SuperPAC begins airing a new ad on CNN and Fox News tomorrow, hammering the Arizona Senator for her March 6 remarks that not going on Spring Break would be "too much of a panicked reaction."

The 30-second spot from the union-backed committee starts airing tomorrow, with a "five-figure buy". (The ad is embedded below.) It follows their distinctive early January effort that featured a "McSally's" burger joint with yellow arches. The SuperPAC's full name is Middle Class Fighting to Restore Arizona’s Unity and Decency, although it goes by its acronym.

In addition to the Spring Break remarks, the ad focuses on a vote she cast in the House in 2017 that would have cut $1B from the CDC's budget, and it juxtaposes it with her telling a TV interviewer this year that "we've increased funding to the CDC and the NIH over the last couple of years."

Arizona's Politics has asked the Senator for a response and will update this article as warranted.

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