Thursday, April 30, 2020

Dunn Removed But Not Done Yet, Bolick Still On Ballot, Arpaio Case Thrown Out, Martinez Reprimanded, More (ARIZONA'S POLITICAL SHORTS

It was a big news day over on our sister site, AZ Law. However, almost all of those articles are also right at home on Arizona's Politics. So, here is a rundown.*

1) BREAKING: Shawnna Bolick To REMAIN On Ballot For Key State House Seat (READ Decision)
Arizona State Rep. Shawnna Bolick will remain on the August and November ballots, ruled a Superior Court judge this morning. Her nomination papers had been challenged as being false because she used a private mailbox store address on her petitions and nominating paper, instead
of the "actual residence address."


2) BREAKING: Arizona Supreme Court Reprimands Juan Martinez For Ethical Misconduct In Three Older Cases (READ Opinion)
In a unanimous 6-0* ruling, the Arizona Supreme Court has reprimanded well-known prosecutor Juan Martinez for ethical misconduct committed in three 10-15 year old murder trials. The reprimand overrides a disciplinary hearing panel's determination that attorneys' ethics rules were not breached by Martinez's comments. The State Bar indicates that it is "pleased" with today's opinion.


3) BREAKING: No $300M In Damages, As Another "Frivolous" Arpaio Defamation Case Dismissed; Counsel Says Judge "Politicized" Matter
Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio lost another round in his ongoing efforts to collect hundreds of millions of dollars against media entities yesterday, when a District Court Judge called his latest case against Rolling Stone magazine and the Huffington Post "frivolous" while dismissing the case.


4) BREAKING UPDATE: Not Done Yet - Corporation Commissioner Boyd Dunn Will Appeal Removal To Supreme Court
UPDATE, 8:30pm: Boyd Dunn *will* appeal Judge Brodman's decision to remove him from the ballot. Dunn's attorney, Jack Wilenchik, tells AZ Law that the judge erred by combining the challenged signatures from each of the two separate lawsuits.


*As some friends and readers have pointed out, we do tend to overuse the word "breaking". However, we use it if we are the first outlet to be reporting a current news event. Since we are a very minor news site, we believe it is important to note when we are providing fresh reporting instead of just rewriting someone else's article.

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