Monday, April 20, 2020

HEADED TO COURT: Corporation Commissioners On the Hot Seat; Court Challenges Against Arizona Candidates

We are keeping track of the court challenges filed against various statewide and local candidates. Today is the deadline for the challenges to be filed, and common challenges are against the validity of petition signatures or residency.

Updated as of 4:30pm, on Thursday. H/t's to Lisa Marra (Cochise County Elections Director), Brad Carlyon (Navajo County Attorney's Office) and Stephen Richer for providing additional cases. We will update tomorrow with cases from YOUR county, IF you email them to me! (Paul @

The Republican primary battle for the Corporation Commission seats are currently the ones to watch, with David Farnsworth, Boyd Dunn, and Nick Myers all on the hot seat. That is three of the six Republicans who filed for the three seats up for election.

Another interesting case to watch was filed this afternoon, and aims to remove incumbent Republican Shawnna Bolick from the ballot in the LD20 House race. If successful, this would leave only fellow GOP incumbent Anthony Kern and newcomer Democrat Judy Schwiebert on the ballot for the two seats. The case is filed by an attorney known for representing labor and Democratic interests, Jim Barton.

A case filed late this afternoon is one filed by PIO for former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Chris Hegstrom. Arpaio is trying to regain his Sheriff's badge, and Hegstrom is challenging the petitions filed by Mike Crawford, a Glendale police officer. Hegstrom filed without an attorney.

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